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“...great in seeking and finding solutions.”

“...keeps calm, optimistic and maintains positive environment even
when times are hard.”

“...good listener who appreciates dialog.”

“...never-give-up attitude.”

“...strategic thinking very strong, can see the situation fast.”

“...motivating and inspiring to work with.”

Miikka Muurinen

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COO, National Broadcasting Company Europe

"A pleasure to work with and a loyal and supportive partner"

"A resourceful leader under any business environment with excellent communications skills, including the rare ability to be a good listener"

"...reinvigorated the company when appointed CEO and has made a number of masterful moves to improve operation efficiency."

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Barry Richards

Investment Banker,
Private Equity Fund

I cannot say enough about the value of my business relationship with Randy. He has been a mentor, advisor, role model, friend, and coach, and I cannot thank him enough.”

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Harry Todd

VP Sales,
Printing Company

Intelligent, engaging, personable, and trustworthy

I would expect these traits, at a minimum, of any CEO. Randy Dewey, however, is a rare breed, with encompassing traits that separate him from literally hundreds of CEOs I have met in my career.

I was fortunate enough to meet Randy and his team during my tenure in investment banking. At the time, he was the Vice-Chairman of a company but was quickly promoted to President and CEO. In a world where I was surrounded by sharks, I was immediately drawn to Randy for his honesty, frankness, and business acumen. I, however, grew to immensely respect and trust the man for his high moral and family values, which translate into all levels of engagement he has in the business world. For these reasons, I was very fortunate to join him in an executive role, thus working side by side with Randy and his remarkable team.

Randy demonstrates, time and again, an uncanny ability to retain and analyze a vast amount of information, distill relevant facts, and deliver solutions that oftentimes are not obvious. What I had not appreciated until having worked with the man is the sheer variety and complexity of information Randy consumes and acts upon daily. After careful consideration and analysis, Randy is quick to make difficult decisions and continues to press forward in the company's best interest.

Randy has a disarming charm and intelligence that helps him quickly gain the trust and respect of employees, customers, and investors. In particular, this trust and respect is mutual with every executive, in which he empowers and provides a consistent and unbiased level of support to help each achieve their stated goals and excel in their duties. Through his openness for sharing, his eagerness to learn, his unstoppable work ethic, and his incredible network of trusted business partners and collaborators, it has been and continues to be an unparalleled learning experience for me and my extreme pleasure to work for him.

I would consider myself very fortunate if I could continue my association with a man I so deeply respect and admire.

Daniel Kim

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COO, Wireless Technology Company

When tensions are high around the table, he maintains a calm approach and focuses on what actions are required to resolve the issue.

“Courage under fire is an understatement.”

“… relative ease in the face of opposition.”

“… grace under pressure, with incredible mental speed and processing several steps ahead of the group, but his leadership style sparks engagement and he helps [us] avoid the pitfalls.”

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Steve Levitt

Chairman of the Board

Very strong and committed leadership style … tempered by a very low-key approach.

“… steel fist in a velvet glove … approaches business with an above average degree of humility.”

“… able to lead people through complex and difficult issues, to chart and then steer a steady course to successful conclusions for the greater good of the larger group, and to do this with a great deal of humility and quiet dignity — true leadership.”

David Gray

Vice President
Printing & Packaging Company

He has helped me to understand deeply complex
ideas and situations without feeling
like he was teaching me. A true leader!

Randy has been a mentor and coach to me for the past 6 years. After my father passed away, Randy stepped in as my career coach, business advisor, and friend. He has helped me navigate through two major career changes and has helped me negotiate the best exit deals as well as the best new contracts. He is a thoughtful and intelligent mentor like no one else. Despite having a large family and an entire corporation to run, he always makes time for me. He has a very cool, calm, and collected approach to everything he does. All along, he always remains humble — the smartest guy in the room who would never tell you that he was. He has helped me to understand deeply complex ideas and situations without feeling like he was teaching me. A true leader!

Kris Cochrane

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Senior Account Executive
Paper Products

From shop floor to boardroom, he is respectful and very considerate of other’s perspectives … is as sound as I’ve seen in my career of 30+ years…pleasure to work for.

“… patient and resolute about resolving issues…manages to results, not methods.”

Tom Cochrane

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President & COO,
Packaging Company

"...accomplished in one session what we struggled with for over two years."

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Doug Hahn

President & CEO,
Steel Company

Very motivated and ambitious, knowing no boundaries.

“… very motivated and ambitious, knowing no boundaries.”

“… overwhelming desire to succeed…will not allow anything to prevent achievement.”

Ryan Robinson

Group Leader, Tubular Division

Rare talent for working with people, bringing their best to support the organization’s plan and helping them find their best.

“…very good ability to use the broad array of other management tools in support of an objective.”

“…exceptional ability to read people, to accurately understand their strengths and weaknesses, motivations, and self-perception. These insights are consistently applied to improve the performance of the individuals and the organization.”

“We would have never survived the last two years if these changes were not made. Our future was very uncertain, and our entire company was enabled within a matter of weeks.”

Kris Cochrane

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Senior Account Executive
Paper Products

President, Tier 1 Automotive Company